Pakistan seeks deportation of Saifur Rehman

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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On Wednesday, Rehman Malik, the Prime Minister’s advisor on the interior said that red warrants have been issued for the arrest of the former NAB chairman. Saifur Rehman has serious claims against him and must return to Pakistan to face accountability. The Pakistani government would request the government of the Gulf emirate, Qatar, to send Rehman back to Pakistan to face accountability for his actions.

At State Guest House, Malik talked to media persons and showed the copy of the letter to newsmen saying that Qatar government has informed through the letter that Pakistan has issued Red Warrant for the arrest of Saifur Rehman who was currently living in Qatar. Malik said several cases of grave nature have been lodged by Pakistan government against Saifur Rehman, therefore his arrest was essential for the country.

Malik spoke on Pakistan’s relations with different countries and said that world powers should not intervene in Pakistan’s internal matters as Pakistan is more than capable of making its own decisions which would be in its best interests.

The law and order was a provincial matter through the 18th adjustment but due to the increasing brutal situation in Karachi, President Zardari has directed the interior ministry to increase the number of police personnel in the city.

Malik did not react to a question about the Arsalan Chaudhry case but said that if the FIA forms another committee, maybe Arsalan would be at ease with that decision and the case could proceed further.


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