NAB Chairman Fasih Bukhari might call it quits

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The controversial chairman of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) is likely to resign as the winners of May 11 elections form the central government. Admiral (Retd) Fasih Bukhari has been issued contempt notices by the Supreme Court while PML-N’s win has added undue pressure on him.

The PML-N might come forward to notify the apex court that the required consultation in Bukhari’s appointment was not done. Regardless of Bukhari’s future in the NAB, the PML-N has not yet articulated its plan to detain the masters of corruption who have their roots dug deep into the system.

In case Bukhari does not hand in his resignation and the apex court issues orders for his removal, he would legally be required to refund all the salaries that he has received as yet. One of the many issues public has set eyes on is the new government’s stand on corruption cases that have been lying unresolved for ages. There are several cases of huge corruption of the last five years pending before the NAB, FIA and other institutions.

The two former prime ministers of the PPP-led government, some federal ministers, senior bureaucrats, top business tycoon and many others are allegedly involved in these corruption cases. The Transparency International Pakistan has claimed in its report that Pakistan lost over Rs 8,500 billion (Rs8.5 trillion or $94 billion), to corruption, tax evasion and bad governance during the last five years.

“Without correcting the system the agencies would be chasing the thieves without being able to stop the growth of thieves that has reached unmanageable proportion today throughout Pakistan right down to local government level,” the NAB chief Fasih Bukhari told journalists.

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