I need to topple my previous best with Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani – Deepika Padukone

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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USA: Free $30 Oye! Times readers Get FREE $30 to spend on Amazon, Walmart…Deepika Padukone Fact is Deepika Padukone is beyond beautiful. How do I know this? Don't be silly! I have eyes and secondly I am sitting next to her getting the hibeesjebes. Despite being one of the glamorous women in the business, when we sat together in Karan Johar's personal cabin for our '15 minutes with', she was sporting nothing more than her off- shoulder pretty bright orange dress showcasing her fabulous collar bones, her soft makeup appears meticulously applied, a slick of eye liner and locks so luscious they made even her contemporaries look a little lack lustre. No effort required. All this and she's disarmingly down to earth opening up about her personal equation with Ranbir Kapoor, her short film she's doing with Homi Adajania, the risks she's taken in life and career and of course, that dream-not-coming-true to shake a leg with Madhuri. For when you listen to Padukone, you're not listening to an actress talk but a friend who's sharing her thoughts. She then orders for her green tea, sips it and makes herself feel at home. Yes, in a dress like that I wonder how she can be herself. I've seen her walk the red carpet when she was not so famous- in her long red dress at the Leicester Square premiere of Om Shanti Om. Everything has changed around her but what remains intact is her killer combo – being sexy and strong. Very few leading actresses have been able to nail that. So there are plenty of things that make Deepika a fun and fearless actress. For starters, she's refreshingly candid and so cool, which you're about to find out for yourself.

You're looking as bright and colourful as your movies. Wow!
My career is bright and colourful. I am feeling that way. I don't know how it is looking to the outside world. I am very content where I am right now. I am happy with the choice of films I am doing and the line up. Now all I need to do is to wait for the films to release and see if the audience also feels the same way.

The films you've done with Ranbir have been ensemble cast. Do you see yourself doing a solo film one day with him?
I think your question will change once you see Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. For me, this is my solo film with Ranbir Kapoor. Definitely, when I did Bachna Ae Haseeno I did want to work with him solo and didn't want to share him with other actresses (laughs). But I think this is that film and in a very strange sense, I really identify with my character and that of Bunny (Ranbir's). In reel life and in real life.

Do you resemble Naina Talwar in any which way?
As a character, Naina Talwar is Deepika Padukone. When I came out watching the film, I felt it was me. A large part of Naina was me living the life. Even in the journey that we lived throughout the film as characters, I think the youth will relate to it a lot and parents who are having daughters or sons my age will also relate to it and are going to feel like – 'I am having this issue with my son or daughter'. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani is a film for all ages. You may be the Bunny or Naina once you come out of the theatres.

Honestly tell me, how much of Bunny is there in Ranbir?
Ranbir for me is all of that you saw in the trailer. All the passion that you saw in Bunny, Ranbir has as a person but he is only creatively inclined. I don't think anything drives him more in life other than his films. I've known him for years now and as his very good friend I can assure you he is a regular guy, he is very routine, nothing in life shakes him up, he doesn't get sad, he doesn't get happy, there is no emotion in him. All the emotions – the craziness, the excitement, the love, the hurt, you'll find in Ranbir through his movies. In real life he is quite unreal.

You've got fame and everything what a celebrity dreams of. What's the urge now for?
What I urge now as an actress is to keep doing creative work – be it films, commercials, print ads, ramp walks, anything creative. I want to do different kinds of roles. I've always taken risks in my career – some have worked and some haven't. I've never believed that rules exist in Bollywood or one has to do certain kinds of films. But yes, there is a drive to be creatively satisfied and that drive comes only when you do films you believe in and do it with full conviction. The response you get from your audience just doubles up your creativity I feel.

What different can creativity offer besides movies?
Lots actually. As of now, I am doing a short film directed by Homi Adajania called Finding Fanny Fernandez. It's shot in Goa. I don't know how this film is going to do but it's an English – Konkani film. I don't know whether this film will even release in India or will it just be a 'Festival' film but what I do know is that I am doing it with utmost passion because I believe in my character and trust Homi to deliver. We are surely going to have a great time making it.

Was there a sense of nostalgia working with Ranbir after all that you guys have gone through in your real life?
Not at all. I think our history has only made our on-screen chemistry easier. Whether we are doing passionate scenes, intimate scenes, etc., it's actually more difficult when you don't know the person. I know Ranbir since quite a few years. We've had our past but we made sure it doesn't hamper our present and the chemistry you see between Naina and Bunny might be real for all you know. I share a great comfort level with Ranbir, probably the best comfort level.

All your movies have got some chartbuster song attached to it. You've been lucky for the music directors.
I've been really lucky when it comes to music, right from my first film Om Shanti Om followed Bachna Ae Haseeno, Love Aaj Kal, Cocktail, Race in a commercial sense, Karthik Calling Karthik and now Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. I love music and music has been an integral part of Indian cinema. Music gets the audience excited. We haven't just made hit music but it fits so well with the narrative.

Deepika PadukoneDid you miss shaking a leg with Madhuri Dixit in 'Ghagra'?
I think every Indian actress looks up to Madhuri Dixit. Yes yes, I know I didn't get a chance to shake a leg with her in 'Ghagra'. I love Madhuri. She dances with her face I feel. It's just not her steps or what her body is doing. He face is emotive and how! You put a camera on her face and you'll understand what she's trying to communicate. It's a God's given gift and not everyone has that.

How do you topple your best every time?
The agenda isn't that now I've done Cocktail and I need to topple my previous best with Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani. Yes, who wouldn't want to push their performance in a good way ahead? 'How do I better it?' …is not a conscious thing on my mind. Ideally my performance should be better than the previous one but we go with the flow. It would be great if Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani would be a follow up. In fact, when you are making a film you are not thinking about which performance of yours was appreciated last.

Would you physically challenge yourself in doing what Ranbir or Priyanka have done in Barfi?
I would love to do something like what Amitabh Bachchan did in Paa or Priyanka Chopra did in Barfi or Ranbir did in the same film too, but we need writers to write such parts and directors to give me that opportunity. But sometimes you don't want to be different for the heck of it. You also have to be excited to do something different, you have to be confident enough to be able to carry off something different.

How shy is Ayan Mukerji?
(Laughs) Ayan Mukerji was nervous in the press conference when we showcased the trailer to all you guys. But rightly so, he should be. It's his second film. I was when I was in my second film. Everyone goes through that phase. As a person, he is very confident and an extremely intelligent fellow. He knows what story he wants to tell and especially at a young age, YJHD is a huge film to take on. He is like a buddy and you know you'll have a good time making the film. It's so important to be having a good time when you work as it reflects in your film. Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani reflects all.

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