Decision Pending But ‘We All Answer To Allah’

The World Council of Churches has expressed their support for the appeal against a Malaysian court's decision made in October 2013 which was forbidding the use of the name "Allah" for God by non-Muslims. This decision, the WCC general secretary Rev. Olav Fykse Tveit argued, risks sabotaging the "fundamental values and the long history of multi-religious co-existence in Malaysia."

More than hundreds of Muslims protested outside the Malaysia's highest court this Wednesday when it delayed the decision on whether to hear the Roman Catholic Church's appeal to be allowed to call God "Allah," The case that was to be heard on 5th of March. The seven-judge panel in the administrative capital Putrajaya this Wednesday postponed the decision to consider allowing a full hearing of the case, or whether to deem that the ruling of the lower court is valid. It gave no date for the decision after hearing arguments from both sides

"Freedom of religion and belief for all, and inter-religious dialogue and cooperation between faith communities, are essential foundations for social cohesion," Tveit said. "Indeed, the shared use of this word by Muslims and Christians alike has served as an important bridge for inter-religious dialogue when speaking of the divine," he said. Tveit said that in the continuous dialogues between the Christians and the Muslims in which the WCC has been a part, the use of the name "Allah" has never been an issue. Today many small groups held playcards reading ‘We all answer to Allah’ at a centre of shopping malls.

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