Quebec Election Campaigns to Set Focus on Identity Politics

While the leaders of Quebec’s main political parties have started to establish their 33-day election campaign, perhaps the most essential and foremost thing that will come to their mind will be forming and imposing their own electoral agenda. As far as their recent stances assert, the opposition Liberals will be seek votes from Quebecers on better economy, health, jobs, whereas the Coalition Avenir Québec will offer better government in an anti-status quo campaign.

However, the single largest party in Quebec, Parti Québécois, will definitely seek votes on identity politics rule. Even before launching her campaign on Tuesday, Marois admitted that she indeed needs the support most importantly to adopt the charter of values, now assembled in the form of Bill 60. In an announcement made on Wednesday morning, Quebec Premier Pauline Marois announced to call election on April 7. Addressing a packed crowd in Charlesbourg on Tuesday evening, Marois stated that “to get there, you know we need a majority government,” and added that “to express loud and strong what we hold dear, we will adopt a charter affirming Quebec values of equality between men and women and secularism.”

In case Quebecers don’t change their minds before polling, a Léger Marketing poll mentioned in a survey finding published on Wednesday that PQ support among francophones alone is at 45 per cent. Moreover, the report agreed that it did not happen by accident as “they took a chance, but the theme is bearing fruit.”

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