Holland Casino’s Innovative Youth Strategy

Holland Casino

This article was last updated on April 18, 2024

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A Swift Increase in Visitor Arrivals

The Holland Casino recently noted a surge in its guest inflow. In the past year, the casino had 5.1 million visitors, marking a 24 percent rise compared to the previous year– a recovery that is not yet back to pre-pandemic levels. In the period before the pandemic, Holland Casino welcomed around a million more visitors.

Adjusting to Demographic Shift

Despite the increase in visitor volume, Holland Casino faces two key challenges – players are spending less, and the demographic is aging. The average age of the visitor in 2018 was around 46.6 years, now standing at 48.2 years, a trend that threatens the sustainability of the casinos. To woo younger audiences and ensure its long-term viability, the state-run casino company is turning towards innovative strategies. The casino plans to introduce new gaming concepts designed to attract younger generations. Furthermore, it aims to promote diversity among its staff to create an inclusive environment welcoming diverse groups of customers.

Combatting Problem Gambling

In recent years, heated discussions have revolved around gambling addiction, particularly online betting. Holland Casino’s market share in the online gambling arena has observed a decline, a scenario primarily attributed to stiff competition from overseas betting companies. To counter this, the casino is focusing on in-person betting. The company now hosts prevention chats, a direct measure to make young punters especially aware of the risks involved with gambling. In the past year alone, the company conducted over 1,500 prevention chats with guests under the age of 24.

Facing Economic Challenges

While striving to broaden its clientele, Holland Casino is also dealing with monetary challenges. Rising wage costs and energy expenses have become prominent issues affecting the company’s profitability. Among its energy-saving measures is the occasional shutdown of its 6,000 slot machines. Petra de Ruiter, the top executive at Holland Casino, warns of the strenuous situation being endured. The casino grapples with the repercussions of two years of sharp inflation, escalating operational costs due to more stringent laws and regulations, growing personnel costs, and increased gambling taxes. Additionally, the company carries a hefty tax debt of 195 million euros amassed during the pandemic period. The casino expects to repay over 50 million euros of this debt by 2023. Despite these hardships, Holland Casino managed to chalk up a profit of 23.6 million euros last year, up by almost 6.5 million from the prior year. Thus, with an intriguing blend of future-focused strategies and financial discipline, Holland Casino continues its quest to woo more youthful customers, promising an optimistic outlook for its post-pandemic success.

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