BlackBerry Service issues are inviting its users’ annoyance



Manufacturer Research in Motion (RIM) has told that the Millions of BlackBerry users across Europe, the Middle East and Africa are experiencing a cut off from internet and messaging.

RIM has admitted that there are issues with the service and an investigation has been carried out to detect the fault. The company has made a post on Twitter: “We apologize to any of our customers in Europe, Middle East & Africa still experiencing issues. We will bring you an update as soon as we can.”

The problems started to occur around11:00 a.m.BST on Monday. No affect has been reported about regular voice-calling services, and the problem appeared to be limited to consumer users rather than those with business contracts.

A Vodafone UK has stated that an advice has been put forward that RIM is working to resolve the issue as a matter of urgency.

However, annoyed users have moved to twitter to make their complaints regarding the service.

One BlackBerry owner, Kelly, tweeted that she is regretting to get a BlackBerry as everything about it is awful. However, a BlackBerry user in UAE, Yasser Hareb was less worried about the down time as he tweeted that  he is hoping that the BBM service doesn’t come back at all as the life is better this way.

This timing of the outage proves to be unfortunate for RIM, which has been struggling in the US and elsewhere over the past year to stop BlackBerry users defecting to rival smartphones, including Apple’s iPhone and Google Android-based devices. The company has also been criticized for its slow responding services to acknowledge and resolve service problems.

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