Sturgeon Supports Giving More Powers to Scotland’s Islands

Ms. Sturgeon has recently mentioned in an interview that she plans to consult others on island powers. In her visit to Orkney for Convention of the Highlands and Islands, Sturgeon stated that “the focus is very much on growth and investment and how we stimulate the economies of our Highland and island areas.” She alleged that “we are very serious about devolving as much power as possible down to local communities so that we put the power into the hands of people in local communities to grow their economies and to take the decisions that are right for them.”

In her remarks, Sturgeon promised that when powers would devolve from the Crown Estate to the Scottish Parliament then “all income” from the leasing of the seabed around island communities would go to the those island communities. It was highlighted that Sturgeons government wanted to consider giving councils in the Highlands and islands more ability to take decisions. During her visit in Orkney, Ms Sturgeon was also inquired about the ongoing controversy involving the area’s MP Alistair Carmichael who is facing a legal bid to oust him from his seat. However, she replied that she was not on Orkney to “talk about Alistair Carmichael.”

Having said that, Sturgeon remarked that “when it came to light that he [Alistair Carmichael] had leaked the document that was an attempt to smear my reputation, he apologised to me and I accepted his apology.” It was added that “the point I made though is that I think the people who were really wronged in this episode were Alistair Carmichael’s constituents because he said during an election campaign that he had nothing to do with that so he was less than honest with his electorate during an election campaign and I thought it was them that he owed an apology.”

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