Sturgeon says “Referendum Demand” on Manifesto will be Highly Conditional

The First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, has remembered the anniversary of her country’s last year’s independence referendum by laying the stage for an election campaign that the Scottish National party hopes will lay the ground for another vote on leaving the UK.

Earlier, the Sturgeon had assured that she would clarify the conditions under which the SNP would add the demand for another referendum in the party’s manifesto for next May’s Scottish parliamentary election. However, during a speech to SNP members of the Scottish and UK parliaments, Ms Sturgeon somewhat let down the hopes of some supporters for an early referendum by clarifying that any manifesto commitment would be highly conditional. She stated that “it would be wrong to propose another referendum without a fundamental change of circumstances or a strong indication that a significant number of those who voted No last year had changed their minds,” adding that “there are no shortcuts.” She alleged that the manifesto would “consider the circumstances in which it might be appropriate, sometime in the future” to propose a referendum.

Last September’s referendum of Scotland resulted in rejection to the motion of independence by 55 per cent to 45 per cent. However, many opinion polls claim that the country is now almost equally divided on the merits of remaining in the UK. According to analyst, John Curtice, there has been a “small but perceptible” growth in support for independence since the referendum, however “what Nicola Sturgeon is doing is keeping her options open.”

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  1. But First Minister there are short-cuts!

    The UK’s short-cut to a NO result was UK control over BBC Scotland to rig coverage to favour NO.

    BBC Scotland rigged the NO vote via censorship of academic expert unofficial YES-campaigners, who have the arguments to persuade those Scots whom the official YES-campaign never persuaded.

    Likewise the short-cut to a YES vote would be if the Scottish government could win control over BBC Scotland.

    Then a free and fair second referendum could be held and BBC Scotland could broadcast those academic expert unofficial YES-campaigners who would persuade previous NO voters to vote YES and win the indyref decisively for YES.

    The short-cut to taking control over BBC Scotland is to have the police arrest the UK-appointed Director and editor-in-chief of BBC Scotland and have him stand trial for treason by broadcasting UK propaganda which is against the interests of the Scottish people.

    The short-cut to getting the police to do that is to resist the appointment of UK-loyalists as Chief Constable of Police Scotland, Lord Prescomment_IDent of the Court of Session and Lord Advocate. Instead, appoint Scottish patriots in those great offices of state who can be relied upon to support the Scottish government against the UK in a political battle for control over BBC Scotland.

    Excuse me, First Minister but those are short-cuts which you could take for an earlier referendum victory for YES!

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