No evidence against the suspect in missing boy’s case, RCMP

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

3-year old Kienan Hebert has been missing since Tuesday. The RCMP in British Columbia have requested the neighborhood of the southeast part of the province to help the police find clues that might be useful in locating Hebert.

Hebert lives in Sparwood, B.C. He was last seen at his house on Tuesday evening. The RCMP spokesperson Cpl. Dan Moskaluk states that detectives have requested to watch the surveillance potage from commercial area around Hebert’s house.

Moskaluk said: “If anybody’s a recreational property owner in the general area of this part of the province, certainly if you haven’t checked your property of late it would be appreciated by the investigators to go to your property, check it out, see if there’s anything suspicious.”

Moreover, Moskaluk has completely discarded the rumors of police having any recorded evidence against Randall Peter Hopley, a suspect in Hebert’s case. On the other hand, Hopley’s mother told the media: “I feel really sorry for the little kid. I don’t think Randy will harm him. He’s been with the grandkids here a lot and he’s been pretty good.”

“We’ve had tremendous amount of resources on all fronts and agencies working on this to get us to where we are right now. Again, we are still hoping for and determined that we might have a favorable outcome,” Moskaluk added.

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