Tomas Transtromer the Swedish poet bags the 2011 Nobel Prize in Literature

A well known Swedish poet Tomas Transtromer best known for his depiction of nature and his economy of form has won the 2011 Nobel Prize in Literature.

The Swedish embassy released a statement saying “He won the prize “because, through his condensed, translucent images, he gives us fresh access to reality,”

The poet who happens to be 80 years old always had a passion for writing and began writing as a student at Soedra Latin Scholl. His first poem collection released in 1954 was called Seventeen Poems. By the year 1966 he had transformed into a leading voice of his generation after his second publication called Windows & Stones: Selected Poems.

In 1990 he suffered from a severe stoke but that did not stop him from writing. After the stroke he had difficulty with speaking.

Transtromer’s wife told media reporters that his reaction when he got to know about the Noble prize was one of “Complete disbelief”. She said “It was a nice blend of terror, surprise and complete happiness.”

She further added “It’s very bewildering, I’m standing in our apartment on Soeder, Tomas is sitting down and having a bit of a rest and we are surrounded by lots of photographers and journalists, the atmosphere is very comfortable, I must say. It’s warm and amicable and we don’t feel too stressed despite the fact that we were terribly surprised.”

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