Marijuana Dispensaries Across California Under Scrutiny

The California Pot business has finally come under strong scrutiny of the government. Federal authorities have sought to shut down various marijuana growing and selling points as part of the campaign. These orders have come in to operation after the Obama administration strengthened its stance on the $1 billion pot business two months ago.

The California law has permitted the use of marijuana for medical purposes. However, Andre Birotte, the U.S. Attorney in Los Angeles said “While California law permits collective cultivation of marijuana in limited circumstances, it does not allow commercial distribution through the store-front model we see across California”

“The intention regarding medical marijuana under California state law was to allow marijuana to be supplied to seriously ill people on a nonprofit basis,” said U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag, the top federal law enforcement officer for the San Francisco Bay area. “What we are finding, however, is that California’s laws have been hijacked by people who are in this to get rich and don’t care at all about sick people.”

Talking about how the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes is being abused, Benjamin Wagner, the U.S. attorney in Sacramento said “Large, commercial operations cloak their money-making activities in the guise of helping sick people when in fact they are helping themselves. Our interest is in enforcing federal criminal law, not prosecuting seriously sick people and those who are caring for them.”

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