PEW Research shows only 34% supported Iraq-Afghanistan invasion

President George W. Bush, the 43rd President of the United States has pledged to keep in constant contact with the military and the troops who had given up their lives in the wars of Afghanistan and Iraq.  More than 1,680 military members have died in Afghanistan, 4,470 military members have died in Iraq and 46,000 have been wounded in both campaigns.

“I love these guys, love the women in service,” Bush said. “And to the extent that I can help them, I will. To the extent that I can herald their courage, I will.”

However, according to a recent research conducted by the Pew Research Center Survey, only about 34% of veterans have considered the Iraq- Afghanistan war as worth fighting and the rest all considered that the war was not worth fighting at all.

Former President George W. Bush in reply to this said, “I hope history proves them wrong. What I’m concerned about is that Americans forget the sacrifice,” Bush said. “I don’t think they are right now, but one of my objectives is to make sure they never do.”

Stressing on the importance of the wars Bush said, “I happen to think it was worth fighting. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have put them into combat.The only way for there to be peace is for free societies to emerge. And, you know, history takes a while to unfold,” he said.

The former president while reiterating his support for the veterans said “They hadn’t seen me and they hadn’t seen me with the troops,” he said. “So therefore I am using mountain biking and golf to stay connected with the military, people who served during my presidency.”

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