Canada needs to accept fewer immigration applications: Immigration Minister

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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According to Canadian immigration Minister Jason Kenney, the country needs to accept fewer immigration applications from people trying to make Canada their home.

The minister said the Canada is up against a big backlog and even though Canada accepts 254,000 applications annually, there are still millions waiting to hear whether they will be allowed into Canada or not.

Out of the 420,000 applications that are received each year only 10% are rejected by Canada. Jason Kenny also said that processing applications faster cannot fix the status of pending applications and it is not possible to accept enough people to deal with it either.

According to the Immigration Minister the only two options Canada has are to vastly increase acceptances, or take fewer applications and keep processing the ones already received.

Kenney told reporters after the committee meeting “Those are the only two possible solutions. It’s a math problem,”

He revealed that the immigration department received 37,500 applications in the year 2010. He made special mention to the family class, which states that parents and grandparents of Canadian Citizens can immigrate. He said that currently there a 10 year wait time for processing.

He said “Merely for us just to tread water, we would have to double the number of people coming into that program … and that wouldn’t even reduce the backlog,”

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