Forbes all set to endorse Rick Perry

Former Republican presidential candidate and the editor and publisher of Forbes Magazine, Steven Forbes announced on Sunday that he will be endorsing Rick Perry. Forbes supported Perry’s flat tax plan stating that it is a “very exciting” way to get the economy back on track

“People love the idea of radical simplicity of this horrific tax code,” Forbes said. “It is a dead weight on the economy. I think what Rick Perry’s going to unveil on Tuesday’s going to be very exciting.”

“With firm leadership, which Rick Perry will provide… I think this will be a winning issue,” Forbes added, saying that is why he is endorsing Perry. “People want it – they hunger for it.”

Forbes said the plan Perry would unveil would include “low-rate, generous exemptions for adults and children” that would “make it worthwhile to invest in America again. He also said it would “drastically simplify the tax code, lowering the corporate rate” and making it the “best in the developed world.”

“It’s a win-win all around,” he said.

Various Republican candidates have shown their support for the flat tax plan with minor amendments in order to overcome the tax code. While Cain’s 9-9-9 tax plan has raised criticisms, Newt Gingrich and`former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney have supported the flat tax plan. Despite his changing statements regarding the flat tax, Romney was quoted last August, as saying “I love a flat tax.”

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