Prince George Father and daughter survive vicious dog attack

On October 24th, 2011 at about 5:15 PM, the Prince George RCMP were called to a report of a dog attack on the 6600 block of Dave Road, south of Prince George, BC.

Two officers were dispatched to the call. While en route to the rural residence, the officers were advised that a nine year old girl and her father were attacked by a large St. Bernard, said to be 170 lbs. Both victims managed to make it into their residence.

As the officers arrived, a St. Bernard covered in blood approached the police vehicles with a high level of aggression. Calls to the residence found that the father was losing lots of blood and likely going into shock.

The officers attempted to use a police vehicle as a shield to get into the residence, but were again met with aggression from the dog. Fearing for the safety of the two injured and knowing the BC Ambulance Service was approaching, the officers were forced to put the animal down as it once again came at them.

Both the nine year old girl and the 39 year old father suffered numerous deep bite wounds as a result of the attack. Both were transported by BC Ambulance to the University Hospital of Northern BC for treatment.

The officers learned that the dog was rescued by the family about six weeks prior. The nine year old was in the yard with the dog, when it attacked her. The father heard the screams and ran to assist, becoming the focus of the dogs attack. There were no previous incidents with the dog since the adoption.

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