Harper, Obama likely to sign perimeter security deal on Dec 7

Prime Minister Stephen Harper will be meeting with his U.S. counterpart Barack Obama on Wednesday. The two PMs are likely to announce details of the Beyond the Border trade and security deal.

Spokesperson of Harper, Andrew MacDougall said: “Prime Minister Stephen Harper will travel to Washington on Wednesday, Dec. 7, for a bilateral meeting at the White House with U.S. President Barack Obama.

“The United States is a close ally and trusted partner for Canada and the prime minister looks forward to discussing the Canada-U.S. bilateral relationship, including economic competitiveness, trade and security, and key global issues with President Obama.”

It been months since Haprer’s government is trying to arrange a meeting with Obama to discuss an overhyped Canada-U.S. perimeter security deal. Apparently, Harper has been looking forward to sign the agreement in a high-profile setting with Obama.

The deal is one of the attempts to guard the continent from terrorism while accelerating the flow of people and products across the border.

Both the prime ministers met last February to announce a broad road map of the initiative and most of the work was completed by late summer. 

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  1. The new cross-border security agreement can save Canada from an extremely difficult position. Want it or not, Canada have to be a close ally and partner of the United States if it don’t want to be a collateral damage in the actual China’s economic and politic war to the last superpower.

    Even if the controversial oil pipeline to connect oil sands from westerns Canada to Houston refineries is expected to be part of the talks between the two leaders, it has no place there. The prescomment_IDent is pushing back TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline approval until after next fall’s prescomment_IDential election to appease environmental supporters. It is not Obama who is playing politics with Canadian crude but the Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The fundamental problem of that pipeline is the desire of the Harper government to extract tar sands oil without asking producers to clean up their act. United States citizens, more conscious of environmental problems than Albertan, want more from their government than Canadian want from their constitutional monarchy. And they obtain it.

    The accord should result in better protection while speeding border traffic. The initiative should be ambitious to close some really big holes. Erecting a thicker wall of security around the joint Canada-U.S. perimeter is by far the best way to go. Both countries hope to improve protection against terrorists while also speeding up cross-border traffic for travellers and businesses. Canada and the U.S. should share information for a better mutual protection. The problem is that Canada’s heavily infiltrated information system is a problem for the far more potent US security one. Each piece of information given to Canadian agents can be in possession of China as soon as he opened his computer. So, the new pact should strengthen cyber security but using US knowledge. Even with that, it will not fully protect important infrastructure from intrusions of Russian and Chinese “hackers”. Off the Net redundant emergency systems should be in place to catch Murphy’s Law category intrusions to come.

    The Canada-U.S. relationship is such an integrated relationship that Keystone XL pipeline should not come up in this more vital alliance between the two countries. It is less about energy and reliability as an historic ecological blindness. Risk management must become the norm and not the exception. For Canada, having better borders access in exchange for the Americans getting more capacity for tracking potential danger make sense. Another 9/11 type acccomment_IDent can put the United States in front of a true, the Canadian government try to hcomment_IDe since Pierre Trudeau’s era. Trade trumps border security when nothing appends, but if a dirty radioactive bomb cross the Canadian border and explode in the US, hell will break loose.

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