Tory majority becomes Canada’s News Story of 2011

Tory majority has been named News Story of the Year by editors and news directors who contributed in the annual survey of newsrooms by The Canadian Press.

In the survey, Conservative majority got 25 per cent of the votes followed by NDP’s 24 per cent votes. Moreover, the Canadian Press carried out another survey in collaboration with Yahoo! Canada to take the opinion of a common Canadian.

Dan Leger, director of news content for the Halifax Chronicle-Herald said: “I think it presents a sea change in Canadian politics.”

“It was fairly predictable, it was not a surprise, the polls suggested it was going that way, but what has happened is the Tories have supplanted the Liberals for many years to come, I believe, and unless the rest of Canadian politics gets its act together, Stephen Harper is going to be prime minister for as long as he wants,” he added.

In the parallel survey, the story of late NDP leader Jack Layton’s political achievements led by 18 per cent of the votes, followed by the royal visit at 11 per cent and the Occupy movement at just roughly 10 per cent.

“The federal underdog [Layton], captures the nation’s attention throughout an election campaign that Canada had been dreading, gains enough popularity to have the NDP elected Opposition for the first time ever — and then just a few months later succumbs to the disease he had fought so hard and so publicly,” said Andrew MacDonald, Yahoo! Canada’s managing editor for news. 

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