Charges Laid in a Six-Year-Old’s Murder

It has been officially announced by the Calgary Police Homicide Unit that second-degree murder charges are being laid against the father and stepmother of a six-year-old child. Meika Dawn Jordan, the six-year-old child, lost her battle with life in a hospital at November 14th, 2011. The child was injured in her father’s home at northeast Calgary, in Temple, and the police was told that she fell down from stairs.

Contrary to the parents report, the autopsy described that the little girl died because of multiple blunt force trauma.  The official announcement of the police stated that Meika died due to severe third-degree burns to one of her hands and that she was hit to her head and abdomen. The 26 year-old father, Spencer Lee Jordan, and 22 year-old stepmother, Marie Eve Magoon, were arrested Sunday night. They are now indicted with second-degree murder and will appear in front of the court on Tuesday.

Stacey claims that “this investigation has been nearly a year long and our homicide investigators really poured their hearts into this.” She stated that “there’s something about when a young innocent child is harmed or murdered that really tugs on the heart strings of our investigators.  A lot of them are family men and women and know that there was such an innocent and vulnerable victim in this case.  Our investigators really took it personally.”

She tried to imply that “with those types of files, we don’t cut corners because we owe it to the victim to do the best job we possibly can.” And “with the technical laws that are in place, and everything that needs to be done, you have to take the time to make sure the investigation is done right.”

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