David Whissell Denies Illegal Fundraising Allegations

The former Liberal minister, David Whissell, has denied all the allegations directed at him by Lino Zambito in front of the Charbonneau Commission. He completely refuted any existence of a Liberal fundraiser which asked Zambito for an illegal $50,000 contribution. It was just last week that Zambito revealed to the commission that an organizer of Whissell, named Christian Côté, had approached him asked for the contribution in 2007.

In responded to these allegations while he was giving an interview to Radio-Canada, Whissell stated “Never, never.” Whissell resigned from the office of Quebec’s labor minister in 2009, as he was asked by then-premier Jean Charest to choose between his seats of the cabinet or keeping the government’s paving contracts to his company, ABC Rive-Nord Inc., without any competitive bids. Whissell even implied that he did not hear of any such demand from Côté at all.

He went on challenging the integrity of Zambito, referring to him as a “bandit” involved in collusion and corruption. He admitted that Côté was his official liberal fundraiser at the time, involved to “gave us a hand to find donors.” Whissell pointed out that “I’m not saying everything he says is false, but what he said about Christian Côté is false.”

He mentioned he had inquired from his chief of staff of the time, Alexandre Bibeau, and he was also astonished to hear about Zambito’s testimony. Whissell claimed “We are honest. We have integrity.”

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