SRK to romance with four heroines in Chennai Express

This article was last updated on May 25, 2022


Though Shah Rukh Khan’s last offering “RA.One” failed to create the expected stir in the nation, but the hero is back again! He is having several back to back projects in Bollywood, all of big banners. And going by the storylines and casting, it seems the films are going to be blockbusters. May be the last year and the first half of this year, belonged to SRK’s arch-rival Salman Khan, however, the King will strike back soon!


And the latest update for all you SRK fans is that, the romantic star is going to romance this time with 4 beautiful heroines onscreen for his upcoming film by Rohit Shetty titled “Chennai Express”. In the film, Shah Rukh has been cast opposite Deepika Padukone. But 3 other heroines will have special appearances in the film as the girl friends or lovers of SRK. Those 3 heroines are Rani Mukherji, Kajol, and Anushka Sharma.


Shah Rukh’s chemistry with Kajol is one thing which words cant describe. They are magical together! Rani and SRK too share a sweet and sexy chemistry. While Anushka and Shah Rukh’s chemistry looks is cute. As we all know, SRK is one of the best romantic heros of all time in Bollywood, therefore, whoever is cast opposite him shares a great chemistry with the hero. However, this news is not yet confirmed. It has been unofficially stated by an insider.


The shooting of “Chennai Express” is already going on in full swing. Who can forget Shah Rukh and Deepika Padukone’s performances in the 2007 hit film “Om Shanti Om”! We hope, something alike to OSO or better than that, is going to be made by Rohit Shetty this time. Though Rohit had earlier planned to remake the film “Angoor” of 1982 with SRK as the hero, however Shetty did not find enough time to complete its script, and in the meantime SRK liked the story of CE and gave his nod to star in the film.

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