Ontario Liberals Gather to Decide Leadership Voting

Ontario Liberal party officials are gathering this weekend to decide the time of leadership convention for replacing Premier Dalton McGuinty. All Liberal party executives, including McGuinty, conversed in a conference call last night arguing to schedule a leadership vote as quickly as possible. The rules of the party narrate a period of six months before leadership voting, however executives have implied an “electoral urgency” clause to cut down that time limit.

PC critic, Rob Leone, accused openly that McGuinty has shut down the legislature for hiding the actual costs of the government’s act of canceling two power plants to save Liberal seats, costing the taxpayers roughly $230 million. Leone mentioned that “we want to help Ontarians find out the truth about what’s happened, and part of this is going to be played out in the court of public opinion with respect to getting this legislature back to work.” He further added that “you cannot run from the truth. We’re asking the premier directly to reconvene the legislature so we can get to the bottom of this and fiscal challenges that face Ontario.”

McGuinty informed his ministers on Tuesday that they will have to give up their seat from cabinet in case they want to run for the leadership. Housing Minister, Kathleen Wynne, and Health Minister, Deb Matthews, have claimed that McGuinty’s announcement makes “perfect sense,” as they can’t campaign while being a minister of the Crown, but both remained coy about whether they’ll throw their hat in the ring.

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