Iran and Canada Taunt Again

Iranian officials heated at John Baird’s comment on the internal politics of Iran, they reacted to his comment stating how he would feel if they commented on the Quebec independence debate. The delegation of Iran recorded their protest during his speech and was also permitted to respond to the comments made by Mr. Baird.

The leader of Iranian delegation, Mr. Iraj Nadimi, pushed the issue in a news conference, taunting that how would Canada feel in case the Iranian officials used an international forum to speak in favor of Quebec sovereigntists. The delegation of Uganda also recorded their condemnation of what they called “called Mr. Baird’s arrogance and ignorance.” The meeting had almost 1,400 international delegates representing different parts of the world.

Canada has often spoken ill of Iran as the tension between the two countries have matured to a newer level than before. Canada does not support Iran’s brutal regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and its demands for the destruction of Israel.

Mr. Baird was completely unapologetic for the deed and in fact mentioned that “sometimes the truth hurts.” He stated that he specifically chose this opportunity in order to gather more international support against Iran’s nuclear program and human rights abuses. He stated that “staying silent is never an option when people stone women, when they hang gays, when they incite genocide, when they say they want to wipe the Jewish people and the Jewish state off the map.”  He asserted “It is never good for anyone in civilized society to stay quiet. It is tremendously important as an international community that we speak with one voice.”


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  1. Thank you Mr John Baird’s for your comment_content for speaking up for the suppressed People of Iran. But It would have been much Better Not give any permission to enter CANADA for any type of Representative or delegation who is from the Cruel Regime of Iran goverment.

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