Mounties made 27 arrests in takedown of marihuana trafficking network

Police in Nova Scotia have dealt a significant blow to those who cultivate and traffic illegal drugs in Nova Scotia.

As a result of an 11-month investigation, Federal RCMP in Nova Scotia, with assistance from Halifax Regional Police and RCMP members from across Nova Scotia, have significantly disrupted a group of criminals who were trafficking marihuana in and around Halifax Regional Municipality.

Yesterday morning, a team of approximately 120 police officers from RCMP, Halifax Regional Police and Truro Police Service searched 14 locations, arrested 27 people and seized five vehicles. An additional arrest is pending. Integrated Proceeds of Crime investigators are now reviewing the evidence gathered over the course of this significant and detailed investigation, which is still ongoing. These arrests and seizures took part in the Porters Lake area, Lawrencetown, Hammonds Plains, Cole Harbour, Dartmouth and Halifax. One of those arrested was a licensed medical doctor practicing here in Nova Scotia. Throughout the course of the operation, police seized 45.5 pounds of dried marihuana, 2,207 marihuana plants, approximately $250-thousand dollars worth of marihuana production equipment, and over $100-thousand in cash. Police also seized five vehicles and four long guns.

“Illegal marihuana grow operations harm our communities,” said Chief Superintendent Brian Brennan, Nova Scotia RCMP Criminal Operations Officer. “Wherever illegal marihuana grow operations exist, there’s an increase in criminal activity and an associated increase in violence.” 

The accused are facing over 90 charges under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and Criminal Code.

List of accused:

·         Mark David Smith, 51-years-old, Lawrencetown, Halifax Regional Municipality

·         Craig Cox, 38-years-old, Lawrencetown, Halifax Regional Municipality

·         Christa Cox, 31-years-old, Lawrencetown, Halifax Regional Municipality

·         Tyler Gregory Rutledge, 40-years-old, Dartmouth, Halifax Regional Municipality

·         Kristopher John Matthews, 36-years-old, Cole Harbour, Halifax Regional Municipality

·         Troy Dunphy, 28-years-old, Cole Harbour, Halifax Regional Municipality    

·         Mihai Apostol, 41-years-old, Halifax, Halifax Regional Municipality

·         Kenneth Greer , 40-years-old, Halifax, Halifax Regional Municipality

·         Matthew Edwin Hinch, 35-years-old, Seaforth, Halifax Regional Municipality

·         Amanda Marie Romo, 23-years-old, Seaforth, Halifax Regional Municipality

·         Paul Howard Dunphy, 41-years-old, Porters Lake, Halifax Regional Municipality

·         Brian Joseph Boudreau, 35-years-old, Porters Lake, Halifax Regional Municipality

·         Paula Butler, 29-years-old, Porters Lake, Halifax Regional Municipality

·         George Abboud, 40-years-old, Porters Lake, Halifax Regional Municipality

·         Joel Alexander Bissett, 26-years-old, Porters Lake, Halifax Regional Municipality

·         Matthew James Pye, 30-years-old, Porters Lake, Halifax Regional Municipality

·         Marty Allen Rutledge, 48-years-old, Porters Lake, Halifax Regional Municipality

·         Brian Leo Hinch, 61-years-old, Middle Porters Lake, Halifax Regional Municipality

·         Elizabeth Darlene Hinch, 57-years-old, Middle Porters Lake, Halifax Regional Municipality

·         Stephen John Dunphy, 53-years-old, Waverley, Halifax Regional Municipality

·         Frances Cornelius Hum, 62-years-old, Beaver Bank, Halifax Regional Municipality

·         Robert Clement MacDonald, 67-years-old, Halifax, Halifax Regional Municipality

·         Chad Bailey, 34-years-old, Halifax, Halifax Regional Municipality

·         Richard Kung, 34-years-old, Hammonds Plains, Halifax Regional Municipality

·         Jared Curtis Mallay, 33-years-old, West Porters Lake, Halifax Regional Municipality

·         Kenneth Pittman, 60-years-old, Enfield

·         Roger Stubbs, 39-years-old, East Preston, Halifax Regional Municipality

·         Edward Sabbagh, 34-years-old, unknown address


Total of 97 charges. Additional charges are pending.

·         Production of cannabis marihuana

·         Possession for the purpose of trafficking in cannabis marihuana

·         Trafficking in cannabis marihuana

·         Conspiracy to produce cannabis marihuana

·         Conspiracy to traffic in cannabis marihuana

The accused are scheduled to appear in Dartmouth Provincial Court and Halifax Provincial Court on March 13th, 2013 to answer to the charges listed above.

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