Canada’s List of ‘Safe Country’ Includes European Countries

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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Exactly 27 countries, majority of which are European, have been enlisted in the listing formulated by the federal government of so-called safe countries which are normally less likely to produce refugees. The Immigration Minister of Canada, Jason Kenney, made the announcement on Friday, pronouncing the finalized list and notifying that more designated countries will soon be announced in coming months.

Kenney also mentioned that these “designating countries is an important step towards a faster and fairer asylum system; our new policy is aimed at addressing claims coming from generally safe countries, today and in the future.” He added that “with these improvements, we are ensuring that genuine refugees fleeing persecution will receive protection more quickly, while, at the same time, failed asylum claimants from generally safe countries will be removed much faster.” Out of the total 27 countries in the list, 25 are European countries. The list also includes the Czech Republic, which was previously hit with a visa requirement in 2009 and has declared not to approve the Canada-European Union free trade deal still in the works if Canada doesn’t remove the hindrance.

Even though the list includes countries like United States and Croatia, though Croatia is still not a full member state, it does not include Mexico, which was also burdened with a visa requirement along with Czech Republic. The visa system was launched for Mexico, when the number of asylum claims from the country almost went three-fold between 2005 and 2009, making it the top source for claims.

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