Record-breaking Snowstorm Steers towards Newfoundland

The snowstorm which shook almost entire Ontario and Quebec, while laying record-breaking amount of snow at Montreal on Thursday, is now steering towards Newfoundland and Labrador on Friday. So far the northeast coast and central parts of the island are predicted to be effected most, as Environment Canada calculates prediction of highest accumulation of snow to be around 15 and 25 centimeters. Moreover, the winds are predicted to blow up to 100 kilometers per hour on the province’s south coast.

Quite predictably, the largely unfavorable weather condition will once again adversely affect the flight system of the area. Numerous flight delays are expected at all airports across Atlantic Canada, as Air Canada specially notifies its customers to only visit St. John’s International Airport after confirming flight schedule. Additionally, the Marine Atlantic vessels will also be suspended due to high winds and rough seas on the Cabot Strait, as there are no crossings scheduled for Nova Scotia in daytime. The northern and south-central areas of New Brunswick have witnessed the first blow of snowstorm on late Thursday, as almost 20 centimeters of snow fell in Moncton. Several parts of Nova Scotia also witnessed snow, though it was quickly followed by rain which buffeted heavy winds.

The same snowstorm had devastating effect in Montreal, as almost 45 centimeters of snow was confirmed on Thursday, though the city did not report many road accidents or any serious injuries. The storm cancelled numerous flights, and vehicle abandonments, including a number of city buses in the area.

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