Federal Liberal Leadership Candidates Give Key Interviews

All candidates of federal Liberal leadership race convened in Winnipeg on Saturday to participate in a debate, consisting of a format being called “Davos-style,” which was programmed for a one-on-one question-and-answer session. The event was hosted by a former Liberal candidate, Harvey Locke, who previously lost in a Calgary byelection to Conservative Joan Crockatt. He performed the one-on-one interviews in presence of a sold-out crowd of 400 Liberal supporters.

All nine candidates competing for the party’s top job included MPs Marc Garneau, Joyce Murray and Justin Trudeau, former MPs Martin Cauchon and Martha Hall Findlay, lawyers David Bertschi, Deborah Coyne and George Takach, and retired Lt.-Col. Karen McCrimmon. The candidates ably answered to all questions assembled by the Liberal supporters of the region, often based on topics ranging from agriculture and rural issues, transportation, foreign ownership, crime prevention and export of natural resources. Locke took a step further and inquired personal revelations from candidates as well. For example, replying to a question, Marc Garneau admitted that he loves to do household work. He asserted that “I love to vacuum. There is nothing more satisfying than sucking up a dust buffalo with a vacuum cleaner.”

All candidates repeated their agenda, plans and positions on several key issues like justice, supporting more prevention and less emphasis on prison-building, and marijuana. Whereas, Joyce Murray and George Takach openly favored legalization, as Takack mentioned that “to me, it’s all about stopping the violence” and “when you have a black market it creates a wonderful haven for criminals that we have to stop.”

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