Garneau Criticizes Trudeau For Lack of ‘Coherent Vision’

The federal Liberal leadership race took a lethal turn on Wednesday when Marc Garneau began a direct attack of strongly-worded criticism on front-runner Justin Trudeau. The assumed number two or three contender of the leadership race and a former astronaut, Garneau, launched the attack during a press conference on Parliament Hill alleging that Trudeau has failed to present a “coherent vision” for Liberals.

Garneau mentioned that “(Trudeau) has told Canadians that we need a bold plan and a clear vision, without defining either,” while condemning  that “on (Trudeau’s) two clear priorities, the middle class and youth engagement, he has said nothing.” Garneau claimed that it is necessary that Liberals should have a comprehensive grip on what Trudeau is offering to the party, in case it wants to evade making same mistakes again and intends to appoint a strong leader. This bare criticism on Garneau’s part symbolizes a clear adjustment in his campaigning strategy, while adding a layer of heat and spice into the so far friendly leadership race.

On the other hand, questions are being raised over why neither of other candidates have failed to be a competition for Trudeau, who is on an apparent rush to victory. But there are analysts predicting that this direct attack might even end up getting back at Garneau and claim that he decided to alter his “nice-guy” approach out of desperation. Whereas, Garneau affirmed that that it wasn’t the case, claiming that he was rather doing the Liberal Party a “favour” by asking “the difficult question.”

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