Harper Protects Senator Wallin’s From Travel Expense Controversy

Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, has intervened in the controversy over the spending of Senator Pamela Wallin on Wednesday, defending her against growing criticism regarding her travel expenses, despite an ongoing outside audit already underway.

Harper was enforced to respond to queries regarding his high-profile Senate appointee in opposition to NDP condemnation after it was leaked that her expenses are being investigated. The prime minister personally assured the Commons that he has particularly evaluated Wallin’s travel expense and that he thinks they are in order with other politicians. Harper mentioned that “I have looked at the numbers. Her travel costs are comparable to any parliamentarian travelling from that particular area of the country over that period of time.” Wallin, who represents Saskatchewan in the Senate, was dragged in a controversy after it was revealed that an outside auditing firm is currently reviewing her travel expenses.

On the other hand, a key official in the upper chamber has asserted that Canadians might not even be informed of the result of the specific investigation being performed by Deloitte. Conservative Senator and chairman of the Senate’s committee on internal economy, budgets and administration, David Tkachuk, officially stated during an interview that “we’re not interested in making those public,” and “If there’s something that will have some impact on the public business, then they will be public. Otherwise, there’s no point to it.” He further elaborated that “I don’t have an agenda on Senator Wallin. Senator Wallin is a distinguished senator and there’s an audit being done on her expenses. That’s all there is too it.”

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