Police Acquires Security Video of Missing Vancouver Student

Police has recently discovered a security camera video of 21-years-old Ms. Elisa Lam, who suspiciously went missing almost two weeks ago in Los Angeles. The video shows Ms. Lam behaving abnormally within an elevator of a discount hotel in a shady neighborhood of L.A.

The duration of the security video of is approximately two-and-a-half-minute, which police acquired almost a week ago, showing the missing Vancouver student pressing several buttons for numerous floors at the same time. The elevator doors does not closes and she finally dashes out and starts looking from side to side. Eventually, she leaves the elevator and starts waving her arms violently, and soon after she begins pressing multiple buttons again, and starts walks away at the end.

Police has claimed that her disappearance is “suspicious and may suggest foul play.” Ms. Lam was routinely habitual of keeping in touch with family until she vanished,  from the Cecil Hotel on Jan. 31. She did not check out from her hotel room, which are rented with shared bathrooms for just $65 (U.S.). The locality of the said hotel, i.e. L.A.’s Skid Row, is notorious for drug and other criminal activity. Police is currently unaware about why the University of British Columbia student visited southern California, though they are confident that her final destination was Santa Cruz. She landed in L.A. on Jan. 26. Ms. Liam’s family stated during a joint news conference with police last week, describing her as being of Chinese descent, five-foot-four and weighing about 115 pounds.

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