Garneau Faces Off Trudeau in 3rd Leadership Debate

The two conflicting candidates of the federal Liberal leadership, Marc Garneau and Justin Trudeau, confronted each other in a brutal face off for the first time, since Garneau provoked Trudeau through an extraordinary attack earlier in the week.

Both leaders were present at the third leadership race debate, out of the total five, and indulged in a confrontation which lasted for three minutes only, but was still the highlight of the day. Both candidates engaged in a back and forth in attempt to prove that they are the best contenders of leading the Liberal party and become prime minister. The former astronaut and head of the Canadian Space Agency, Garneau, previously mentioned in a press conference on Wednesday that Trudeau has completely failed to explain his plans to Liberals and Canadians, especially on essential key issues.

Garneau continued criticizing Trudeau on Saturday, when he blamed Trudeau of not having much needed experience to be a national leader, saying that “leadership is about more than being a motivational speaker.” He added that “it’s about making some very, very difficult decisions, often on your own.” Garneau inquired his competitor, “so please tell us what in your resume qualifies you to the leader of the country.” Whereas Trudeau replied him, by saying “you can’t lead from a podium in a press conference.” He added that “you can’t win over Canadians with a five-point plan. You have to connect with them and we have to make room with Canadians in the debate that we have coming forward.”

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