Sousa Announces to Table ‘Ontario Budget’ on May 2

The Finance Minister of Ontario, Charles Sousa, has announced to table the first budget of Premier Kathleen Wynne’s minority government on May 2. Sousa has shaped a spending plan intended to win support from NDP Leader Andrea Horwath. He made the decisive announcement of the budget on Monday at the Economic Club, while publicizing that the deficit has been decreased down to $9.8 billion.

Sousa mentioned that “I didn’t say ‘my budget’ and I didn’t say ‘our government’s budget.’ This is ‘Ontario’s budget’ because this won’t be a budget that reflects only our government’s priorities.” Analysts are eyeing that an escape of Horwath’s New Democrats support for Wynne will push the new government to fall, dropping Ontario into an election as early as June. Keeping that in mind, Sousa stated that “it’s a budget we put together in consultation with people all across our province, people who voted for us, and those who didn’t.” He alleged that “it’s a budget that speaks to the needs of all Ontarians wherever they are, from Niagara Falls to Iroquois Falls from downtown Toronto to downtown Kenora.”

Quite alike to his predecessor, Dwight Duncan, Sousa has anticipated the deficit as a fast-changing and ever-moving target. Sousa confirmed that the shortfall has been decreased down to $14.8 billion, while Duncan previously mentioned in his final speech that it was near $11.9 billion. Sousa mentioned that “our deficit projection is now down to $9.8 billion. That’s a reduction of $5 billion from last year’s forecast.” He added that “these are significant results. We continue to outperform,” he said. “Our approach has helped us lower our deficit projection for last year.”

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