Governor General Warns Canadian to Don’t ‘Plunder’ Nature on Earth Day

The governor general of Canada made remarkably direct remarks in an environmental message for Earth Day on Monday, asserting that Canadians shall not be “plunderers of the earth.” An official statement released from the office of Gov.-Gen., David Johnston, mentioned that Canadians “are bound together by a shared love of the land — the ocean coasts, tall mountains, open fields, quiet forests and frozen tundra that compose Canada’s rugged and majestic landscape.” He added that “it would be a grave error to take all this for granted. “

Johnston further asserted that natural wonders are “not as immutable and eternal as we should like to think; much like a famous work of art, they require great care, maintenance and attention. We live in a symbiotic relationship with our planet, dependant on its resources for sustenance, shelter and wealth.” He elucidated that “the well-being both of our planet and of humankind rests on the delicate balance of the earth’s ecosystems. Only by promoting sustainability will we be able to face the challenges ahead as both our global civilization and our planet grow older. In other words, let us aspire to be curators rather than plunderers of this earth. Our children will thank us for it.”

These remarks from the governor general have come at a time when the federal government is establishing a softer stance on its environmental policies in order to smooth in a decision later this year by U.S. President Barack Obama on the fate of the Keystone XL pipeline, which will carry Canadian petroleum products to Gulf coast refineries.

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