Senator Mac Harb Denies Reports Saying He Shall Repay $100,000

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The Liberal Senator under review, Mac Harb, has asserted that media reports claiming that he will be enforced to repay $100,000 in lieu of wrong housing expenses is “totally false” and contains “false information.” The issue of Harb’s expense claims is under review by an independent auditor, Deloitte, appointed by the Senate.

The results of the highly sought review are expected to be revealed on Thursday, but several media reports alleged on Tuesday that Harb will be ordered to reimburse the taxpayers for claiming expenses of housing and meals because he said his primary residence is outside the capital. The former Ottawa MP and city councillor, Harb, was appointed to the Senate for Ontario in 2003, and has been claiming out-of-town expenses for living in a residence more than 100 kilometers outside Ottawa. Harb started seeking claims of expenses for living in the city in September 2010, alleging that he had moved to a bungalow near Pembroke, Ont., i.e. almost 145 kilometres from the capital. He informed reporters that the media reports were inaccurate.

The Senate’s rule allow any senators living more than 100 kilometres from Ottawa to have claims of housing expenses up to $22,000 a year. Harb currently owns several properties in Ottawa, and one of his homes near Pembroke is now for sale. He listed the property almost two weeks ago, asserting that “I love the place,” and “It was like heaven for me. But I lost privacy. I’m a public figure. I don’t feel safe there anymore.”

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