Councillors Urge Mayor Ford to Speak on Crack Video Allegations

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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The Toronto council meeting at City Council on Tuesday to discuss the proposal of hosting a Casino has been engulfed in a scandal over an alleged unverified video depicting Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack. Mayor Ford has curiously remained exceedingly silent over the issue all weekend, while refusing to host his weekly radio show as well. However, Ford will now be evidently appearing for the first time, since he briefly called the Star allegations “ridiculous,” for a special meeting to decide the casino’s fate.

It is now clear that Ford has so far avoided categorically denying the allegations, but some councillors are asking for him to clear the air.  Councillor James Pasternak alleged that “I’m urging the mayor to make an unequivocal statement about the allegations and present his side.” He added that “it is creating uncertainty in the leadership of the city. It is creating political instability, and the longer the questions keep coming, I think the more damaging it becomes.”

On the other hand, Deputy Mayor, Doug Holyday, stated on Monday evening that even though casino is the single agenda on the meeting, the mayor will ultimately have to broach the video controversy. He stated that “I think he’s going to have to say more than he has, but he’ll have to decide for himself.” Councillor Josh Matlow mentioned that “this is a surreal, bizarre vortex that the entire city’s been sucked into, with Rob Ford being the source of it.” He added that “I just feel embarrassed with what Toronto’s reputation is going through … I look forward to getting past it.”

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