Court Finds Edmonton MP, Peter Goldring, Not Guilty in Breath Sample Case

An Independent MP from Edmonton, 68-year-old Peter Goldring, has been found not guilty by the court in a decision announced on Thursday, after he was charged with refusing to provide a breath sample to police in December 2011. During trial, the Edmonton East MP elaborately informed court that he had attended a Christmas dinner at a Ukrainian hall that night, where he did not have more than two glasses of wine. He admitted that almost five hours later, he drank a beer from a bar across the street. Consequently, Const. Trevor Shelrud pulled over Goldring’s SUV soon after he had left the parking lot.

However, the testimony of both the officer and the MP differed from this point forward. Mr. Goldring stated that he hadn’t concluded whether to fulfill the request of a breath sample when the police perceived that he’d refused. He explained that his hesitance was rooted to the fact that the officer threatened that he’ll be charged with impaired driving in case he blew over the legal limit. Although in reality, he would have only been escorted to a police station for further sobriety tests in case he had failed the test. Mr. Goldring insistently alleged that if he had known that, he wouldn’t have hesitated. He confidently stated “absolutely not,” explaining “that would have been a deal-maker if I knew.”

On the other hand, Shelrud informed court that Goldring was uncooperative, rude and so had to be removed from his SUV that night. Shelrud mentioned that “he was really condescending, snarky, dismissive, he raised his voice, he was cutting me off.”

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