Be open about hidden plan for nuclear waste disposal facility

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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QUEEN’S PARK – NDP Energy Critic Peter Tabuns says the Ontario government should come clean about a reported plan for a new nuclear waste facility to store radioactive waste from decommissioned nuclear reactors. 

“Ontarians should not learn of a plan to store toxic waste from their morning newspaper,” said Tabuns, MPP for Toronto-Danforth. “Once again, the Liberal government is not being open with Ontarians about the costs and dangers of nuclear power.”

According to media reports, Ontario Power Generation is considering dumping radioactive decommissioning waste at a regional disposal facility somewhere in Ontario, in reasonable proximity to existing nuclear power stations.

The Liberal government has committed almost $1 billion to rebuild the Darlington nuclear station, despite refusing to reveal the total cost of the project and refusing to submit its energy plan to the Ontario Energy Board for a public review.

“The Minister of Energy should stop calling nuclear power ‘clean’ and ‘emission-free,’” said Tabuns. “The Minister should start being open with Ontarians about the actual cost of nuclear power, and where the radioactive waste from retired nuclear reactors is going to be stored.” 

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