Report Says Health Canada Should Regulate Chemo Cocktail Supply

A much anticipated report into Ontario’s chemotherapy scandal has now demanded Health Canada to take responsibility of regulating all companies that are indulged in mixing of drugs for hospitals, which was a sector previously operating without any oversight, esp. at the time when more than 1,200 cancer patients received diluted chemotherapy cocktails.

The oversight gap was first reported in April, which lead to the province taking responsibility of the alleged “policy grey area.” However, the report into the incident makes 12 recommendations that were released on Wednesday, which largely shift the responsibility of the drug error back to the federal government. The well sought report was conducted by a pharmacist appointed by the government to lead the review, Jake Thiessen, who was joined by the Health Minister, Deb Matthews, at Queen’s Park for nearly a month only to discuss his recommendations for safeguarding patient care.

In the press conference aired on Wednesday, Matthews offered an apology to the patients affected by the drug error, while delivering a promise that the province will soon introduce a new legislation this fall that will authorize the Ontario College of Pharmacists to inspect and license hospital pharmacies. Apart from these recommendations, the report also demands for more transparency at group-purchasing organizations like Medbuy, which is the company that arranged contracts between hospitals and Marchese. The report revealed that “annually in January, each GPO shall publicize information regarding the contracted pharmaceutical services provided by all its vendors.”

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