Trudeau Asks Canada to Accept More Refugees from Syrian Conflict

Federal Liberal Leader, Justin Trudeau, has alleged in a recent statement that Canada shall do more to allow refugees from the bloody conflict in Syria. In the statement issued on Friday, Trudeau conveyed that he was pleased to hear the Conservative government is not considering participating in a military intervention in retaliation to the alleged chemical weapons attack by the Syrian regime, which according to claims of the United States claims has killed at least 1,400 people. There is no doubt that death toll in the country has surpassed 100,000 since the conflict began and the United Nations reports that more than six million Syrians have had to flee their homes.

During a meeting at a park in downtown Halifax, Trudeau stated that “I’ve very worried about the Syrian people,” elucidated that “we also do want to see our government providing humanitarian support, diplomatic pressure to resolve this situation and I know we can do more around refugees in terms of bringing some of the many thousand of displaced people to Canada for a better life.”

The president for the Syrian Association of Ottawa, Yaman Marwah, revealed that his group was previously told that the Canadian government is prepared to admit 1,500 Syrian refugees to Canada. However, he mentioned during an interview in Ottawa that “we have connections all over Canada and we didn’t see anything so far,” adding that “we haven’t seen anything aside from closing the Syrian embassy and getting the ambassador out since the beginning of the revolution.”

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