Two suspects arrested for the murder of Abo Obyb Abdel-Salaam in Houston, Texas

Houston police have arrested two men charged in the death of a man at 3880 South Dairy Ashford about 10 p.m. on Friday (August 13).

Curtis Odette Robinson (b/m, DOB: 7-20-89) is charged wirh murder in the 351st State District Court. Albert Lee Hall (b/m, DOB:12-10-84) is charged with assault in Harris County Criminal Court #10. Both are charged in the death of Abo Obyb Abdel-Salaam, 42, of Pearland.

HPD Homicide Division Officers P. Vela and M. Coleman reported:

Robinson was in the Chevron Gas Station, owned by Mr. Abdel-Salaam, when he attempted to steal items from the store. Abdel-Salaam, watching Robinson attempt to conceal the items, forcefully escorted Robinson outside. Hall approached Abdel-Salaam and Robinson and began fighting Abdel-Salaam. Robinson then went back to his vehicle, got into the driver’s seat and drove the vehicle towards Abdel-Salaam. Robinson struck Abdel-Salaam and then ran over him with both the front and rear tires. Hall then got into the vehicle and both suspects fled the scene.

Robinson and Hall were arrested a short time later, due to a description of the vehicle given by witnesses at the scene. The same witnesses were then able to positively identify both Robinson and Hall.

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