Ontario Confirms Norm Kelly Now in Charge of Toronto

This article was last updated on April 16, 2022

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In a latest interaction with reporters, Ontario Municipal Affairs Minister, Linda Jeffrey, revealed that as far as the provincial government is concerned the deputy mayor is now in charge at Toronto city hall. Highlighting the recent groundbreaking vote at city council which stripped Mayor Rob Ford of almost all of his real power in light of the crack scandal, Jeffrey stated on Tuesday that “logistically, based on the decision they made yesterday it would be Norm Kelly.”

Elaborating on the implications of the decision, Jeffrey elucidated that it means that when Premier Kathleen Wynne next collaborates with the city’s point person on issues varying from subways to the Pan Am Games, Kelly would receive the invitation. The minister pointed out that the “council made some decisions yesterday in another special meeting that provide clarity for them.” Inquired if Ford will be allowed to attend these official meetings, Jeffrey replied “absolutely, he’s always welcome. I like all members of council. I’m happy to work with all of them.”

Speaking in repose to Ford’s declaration of “war” against the councilors, Jeffrey alleged that “I’m not worried. Everyone has an opportunity to speak to legal counsel about decisions they think are fair or not fair. I guess the coming weeks will determine whether any action is taking place.” It was added that “based on the advice I have received they took actions that were within their control and, certainly, I believe they received that legal advice yesterday.” she concluded that “they took steps that were part of their delegation of power. They took measures that they felt were reasonable.”

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