Recently Dropped Bloc MP Gives Up Sovereignty Movement

Former Bloc Québécois MP, Maria Mourani, recently announced to have taken back her part-taking in Quebec’s sovereignty movement, asserting that debate over the treatment of minorities in the province has turned her into a federalist. In a letter authored in English and French on Wednesday, Ms. Mourani stated that “I have come to the conclusion that my belonging to Canada, including its Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, better protects the Quebec identity of all citizens of Quebec. I am no longer an independentist.”

Ms. Mourani recently got dropped from the Bloc’s leadership in September as a direct result of  her harshly criticizing the provincial government’s plan to drastically limit the wearing of religious symbols by public employees in Quebec. Former leader of the Bloc, Daniel Paillé, immediately stripped Ms. Mourani off her position. Consequently, Ms. Mourani is now nothing but an independent Catholic MP of Lebanese origin who often wears a small visible crucifix. She asserted that the proposed version of highly controversial ‘Charter of Quebec Values’ is deemed as extremely discriminatory and strategically disastrous for the independence movement that has failed to make inroads with growing immigrant communities.

The independent MP mentioned in the letter that Quebec’s sovereignty movement has taken a turn for the worst, alleging that “the flagship of sovereignty is nothing like it was before. There are still a few independentist leaders who advocate an inclusive vision of the Quebec identity, but they are clearly on the fringe.”

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