Ontario Premier, Utility CEO among Those Affected by Power Outage

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne recently confirmed that tens of thousands of Ontarians, majority of which is in Toronto, will be affected by the ice storm and not be able to spend Christmas Day in their homes. In a news conference held at Queen’s Park on Tuesday, Premier Wynne stated that “It won’t be the same as being at home. There is no doubt about that.” She revealed to be one of the almost 50,000 Toronto Hydro customers who are awaiting power to come on, along with utility CEO Anthony Haines.

Haines alleged that the remaining homes and business might be the toughest to deal with, as he explained that crews are going into neighbourhoods and “the first effort is to remove that debris and then to restore that service … it becomes very labour intensive work … we are now really into individual homes.” Premier Wynne has been meeting with other politicians as she visits warming centres across the GTA, though she seems to be avoiding running into Mayor Rob Ford, alleging that her office is interested in meeting with “decisions makers.” She stated that “politics at City Hall has had no bearing on the province’s ability to work with the officials in the city.”

Premier Wynne mentioned that “workers from Hydro One, Toronto Hydro and Emergency Management Ontario are working around the clock in our communities restoring power and ensuring people are safe.” She added that “it seems to me that this is why government exists … to make sure people are safe and secure and we can take our collective resources and our collective energy and our collective humanity quite frankly and support each other.”

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