B.C. Police Tickets Mayor Ford for Jaywalking

Several media sources reported throughout Friday night that troubled Mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, was ticketed in British Columbia on Friday night while he was with his former aide David Price. In a report published by Global News B.C., it was alleged that Mr. Ford was also ticketed for public intoxication, but Mr. Ford later explained to Toronto Sun’s Joe Warmington that he and Price were ticketed for jaywalking and not public intoxication. Consequently, Global News B.C. corrected their report and acknowledged that he was only ticketed for jaywalking.

Explaining what happened at that time, Mr. Ford revealed that he only drank a Diet Coke while out for the evening. However, it was yet another incident in a long list of bizarre and disputable public episodes that the mayor has been having lately that raise questions about his behavior. Previously, Mr. Ford confessed having had used crack cocaine and also that he bought marijuana since he was elected as leader of Canada’s largest city in 2010.

Only two weeks ago, Mr. Ford was caught ranting against Toronto Police Chief, Bill Blair, in an attempted Jamaican accent while at an Etobicoke restaurant. The incident was recorded by someone at the restaurant and later uploaded on YouTube to be spread virally throughout the social media. Even though Mr. Ford publicly promised sobriety soon after the crack scandal emerged, and also at other occasions, he later confessed without apology that he had been actually drinking, and said that it was nothing but a “minor setback.”

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