Winnipeg Police Looking into Curious Peewee Hockey Incident

Police, parents and coaches of two peewee hockey teams in Winnipeg are all boggled how an on-ice scuffle, in presence of a referee, can result in a broken arm for one player. The inquisitive incident took place on Sunday, during the final minutes of a game between teams from the Brokenhead Ojibway First Nation and the Sagkeeng First Nation as part of the Southeast Winter Tribal Days hockey tournament.

Witnesses explain that the scuffle started around the Sagkeeng net, where a referee quickly approaches and pulls the kids apart after a Brokenhead player skated in front of the Sagkeeng bench and taunted players. One of the players, 12-year-old Kainen Bell, slashed the Brokenhead player in front of the bench and the two began fighting. Soon after that, a referee apparently grabbed Kainen from behind and took him down to the ice, falling on top of him. Bell claims that “it just went black for like 3, 4, 5 seconds… like 4 or 5 seconds.”

A video recorded from the stands and published on the internet shows a tense scene, where one parent can be seen screaming, “get your hands off my kids!” and others cursing at the ref and telling him, in graphic language, to get off the ice. According to Kainen’s father, Robert Bell, the video clearly “shows him grabbing him by the back of the armpits and twirling, pivoting, slamming him on the ice,” whereas Bell’s mother, Brenda Bell, added that “people are saying that he fell, but it doesn’t look like a fall.”

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