Auditor General Says PQ Government ‘Overly Optimistic’ in Budget

Quebec’s interim Auditor General, Michel Samson, has mentioned in the report of his recent audit that the PQ government is being “overly optimistic” in its calculation to post a balanced budget within a few years. Although Samson acknowledged that it is not an impossible task, he explained that balancing the budget could mean that Quebecers will have to further tighten their belts.

Speaking about his report, Mr. Samson stated that “in our audit, ambitious is not reasonable.” He pointed out that Finance Minister, Nicolas Marceau, has made unreasonable calculations and predictions to achieve zero deficit by 2015-2016 without first making some important changes. He stated that “we have big amount, like $1 billion to find and if we can’t increase the taxes, you have no choices, you reduce the expenditures.” Furthermore, Samson alleged that his audit has led him to believe the PQ will not have any other choice but to cut services eventually.

However, the minster remained vague while responding to the auditor’s report, he stated that “we will not increase taxes and we will control spending.” Marceau added that “we want to control spending and at the same time we want to offer those services to Quebecers that they want.” On the other hand, CAQ leader Francois Legaul, mentioned that “right now it’s clear the government has lost control,”adding that “we’re heading to the wall.” Whereas, Liberal leader Philippe Couillard complained that “there’s no control on expenses, no economic growth, no true job creation in Quebec, same movie as in 2003.”

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