Jim Flaherty Reiterates Having Uncertain Political Future

Canada’s Finance Minister Jim Flaherty has refueled speculations about whether or not he will run for elections again in 2015 as he mentioned in a comment that it’s too early for him to decide if he will run again in the next election. Reuters reported that in response to a question inquiring if he will be a candidate in 2015, Flaherty replied that “we’ll see. I haven’t decided.” The interview was conducted while Mr. Flaherty was attending a meeting of G20 finance ministers in Australia.

Flaherty has been the only finance minister in Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s governments since 2006. He is unfortunately fighting a rare skin condition that has led him to reduce the number of his speaking engagements in recent months. Due to his health problem, many have speculated that he might be step aside from federal politics before the next election. However, the minister routinely dodges the questions about his future, asserting that does not intends to leave Ottawa until the Conservatives succeed in overcoming the federal budget deficit. Flaherty alleges that he is close to balancing the books now and will have a respectable budget surplus in 2015.

According to several senior government sources, eliminating the deficit takes precedence over any considerations Flaherty might have about personal future in politics. During a year-end interview, Mr. Flaherty revealed that his family would really appreciate if he decides to give up politics for a lucrative private-sector position. But he added that he plans to run in the 2015 election, and alleged that “I told the prime minister I would run in 2015 and we’ll see after that.”

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