Couillard Claims PQ All About a Referendum

In a statement issued by Liberal leader, Philippe Couillard, on Wednesday, he alleged that The Parti Québécois is already preparing a new referendum, adding in a challenging mood that it will never happen because Quebecers will elect a majority Liberal government on April 7. Standing across a sign reading “NON à l’intimidation,” Couillard referenced to an article published in Quebec City’s Le Soleil on Wednesday, which reported that Parti Québécois leader, Pauline Marois, has already began consulting advisers to draft a white paper, which would lead to “separation and a referendum.”

Couillard also raised the issue of the entry of Québecor Inc.’s controlling shareholder, Pierre Karl Péladeau, into the PQ caucus. While announcing his PQ candidacy in St-Jérôme riding, Péladeau alleged that his decision of entering into politics is prompted by a wish to give his children a country. Contrarily, Couillard pointed out that he is a federalist and wants Quebec to formally be recognized in the Canadian constitution as a “distinct society.”

Responding to Couillard’s demand for recognition as “distinct society,” Marois alleged that he sounds “like a Canadian prime minister,” not a Quebec premier. In response to which, Couillard stated that “I am tired of this false clergy,” and “I have had enough of this imaginary world.” Couillard added that the sign, “NON à l’intimidation,” was not related to a possible referendum but the Liberal commitment to fight bullying and cyberbullying “from primary school to university.”

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