Marois Stands By Candidate with Alleged Anti-Semitic Beliefs

The Parti Québécois is being criticized for the second time during the week due to a candidate who expressed her controversial views on the province’s religious minorities. A renowned Quebec feminist and philosopher, Louise Mailloux, reiterated this week that she still holds same belief that circumcision and baptism are similar to rape and that kosher and halal certification is a tax that contributes toward funding of religious wars and fills the pockets of religious leaders.

Ms. Mailloux has been one of the key supporters of the PQ’s proposed Charter of Values which tends to impose a strict dress code that bans all public service personals from wearing most religious symbols. Ms. Mailloux allegedly refused to elaborate her view once again, but she did affirm that she “absolutely” stands by her views. However, The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs complained about her views and called on the PQ to discredit the “urban legend of the kosher tax,” saying Ms. Mailloux is echoing a conspiracy created by the Ku Klux Klan and neo-Nazi groups.

However, the PQ Leader Pauline Marois instead endorsed her candidate, asserting that she’s a respected academic who has thought long and hard about these issues. Marois mentioned that “her writings are eloquent, I respect her point of view,” and “she supports our secular charter and I appreciate her support.” Furthermore, Marois alleged that “the Parti Québécois is not an anti-semitic party. We have very good relations with the leaders of this community and all the different communities in Quebec.”

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