Marois Affirms Sovereignty ‘Not a Priority’ Anymore

Almost two weeks into the PQ’s election campaign, which placed independence as its top priority until recently, caucus leader Pauline Marois quickly retreated from the stance and alleged that a referendum on sovereignty is no longer a priority. Ms. Marois made the most straightforward pledge to momentarily put the independence question at rest on Friday, i.e. 17 days into a faltering campaign that hardly covered anything else.

On March 5, Ms. Marois mentioned in a statement that “there will be no referendum as long as Quebeckers are not ready.” The statement was made only a day after the first leadership debate, during which she made a good impression other than being teased by her opponents over sovereignty. Ms. Marois stated that “it’s not a priority for Quebeckers, and it’s not a priority for me.” In a statement issued by PQ candidate Linda Goupil during a radio interview on Friday, she alleged that if she was told that the party is going to hold a referendum in the next mandate, she would not have run.

Defending her candidates, especially Ms. Goupil, Ms. Marois latter alleged that just like most Quebeckers, Goupil does not want a referendum soon. Marois stated that “since the holding of a referendum is not the object of this election, then we all agree,” adding that “[Ms. Goupil] said she wasn’t ready for one. A lot of Quebeckers aren’t. And that suits me fine, since this election is not about holding a referendum.”

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